Welcome to NABS                        

The Founder President

Prof. Dr. S. Kannaiyan,
M.Sc.(Ag.)., Ph.D., C.Biol., M.Biol., (London), FIBA (Cambridge), FABI(USA),  FNAAS, FNABS, FISB, FAMI, FASC, FIBRF.

The Founder President of NABS
Period : From 31st December, 2004 to 20th October, 2011

Born on 4th August, 1944 –Attained eternal bliss on 20th October, 2011

About NABS  NABS was founded on  31 December, 2004 by  Prof. Dr. S. Kannaiyan,  the then  Chairman, National Biodiversity Authority, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India., Chennai, Tamil Nadu,  with EC members and Headquarter at Chennai.  The Executive Council constituted at the time of registration, the President - Prof. Dr. S. Kannaiyan (Founder President), Vice President-Prof. N. Anand (Founder Vice-President) Secretary-Dr. S. S. Gnanamanickam (Founder Secretary) and Treasurer-Dr. T. L. Baskaran (Founder Treasurer).  The founder Executive Council members were Prof. V. Sundararajan, Dr. K. Balaraman and Prof. T. Subramoniam.



The Academy was registered as "National Academy of Biological Sciences" under the TN Societies registration Act 1975 (TN Act 27 of 1975) on 10th March, 2005 at Chennai South, Saidapet, Chennai- 600 015 with Certificate of Registration No. 110 / 2005.


Vision  To provide a common platform for the biologists to interact with each other mutual benefit and to further the knowledge on areas of biological sciences.



i.  To foster and promote the new scientific knowledge that has emerged from recent advances in both basic and applied biological sciences in Agriculture, Animal sciences, Forestry  and all other disciplines of Biological Sciences.

ii.    To enable interaction between biologists for mutual benefits in Academic and /or Research, Educational or Transfer of technology.

iii.     To encourage and facilitate activities that are geared to improve society at large and in particular the under privileged sections of the society.

iv.  To focus on problems of malnutrition in women and children through scientific approach.

v.      To address the important issues of conservation of soil and water

vi.    To address the important issues of climate change and global warming

vii.   To focus more on the emerging issues on Biotechnology

viii. To create awareness on environmental issues

ix.     To facilitate technology transfer issues to farmers and other clients

x.  To further such objectives and goals as the General Body may decide from time to time.


Prof. Dr. D. J. Bagyaraj, President, NABS

[From 13 May, 2023]

Prof. D. Joseph Bagyaraj earned his B.Sc. (Agri.) from Agricultural College, Bangalore and Ph.D. in Agri. Microbiology from UAS, Bangalore. He joined the UAS, Bangalore as an Assistant Professor of Microbiology in 1966 and then became Professor and Head. He had his post-doctoral training at New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA. He also worked as a Visiting Scientist at New Zealand and as a Senior Scientist at Oregon State University, USA. Currently he is NASI Hon. Scientist and Chairman, Centre for Natural Biological Resources and Community Development, Bangalore.

Academic and Research Achievements: He initiated systematic investigations on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in India and is considered to be a pioneering scientist in this area of research. He has developed facile procedures for screening and selecting AMF for crops important in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. His studies demonstrated 25-50% saving of P fertilizer through AMF inoculation. He has published 425 research papers, 114 review articles and written 11 books. He has taught Microbiology to UG and PG students for the past 50 years and has mentored nearly 65 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.

Dr. Bagyaraj has been invited either to deliver lectures or evaluate projects on mycorrhiza in different parts of the world. He has trained scientists from several countries on mycorrhizal techniques. He is a Fellow of the most of the National Academies in the country. He is currently the President of the Indian Society of Soil Biology and Ecology. He is/was also an Expert Committee Member of several funding agencies like ICAR, DST, DBT, CSIR, UGC, NBA, IFS (Sweden), AICAR (Australia), UNEP and FAO.

Dr. Bagyaraj received several awards and honours; to name a few, Shome Memorial Award; SR Vyas Memorial Award; Rangaswami Memorial Award; Prof. T.S. Sadasivan Lecture Award;   Dr. V Agnihotrudu Memorial Lecture Award; Distinguished Asian Mycologist Award, 2019 conferred in Japan and many others. He is also currently involved as Convenor/Resource person of the National Academy of Sciences taking recent advances in Agricultural Microbiology to college students and teachers. He was invited by the European Commission to contribute on mycorrhizal fungi for the Global Atlas on Soil Biodiversity (only Indian scientist invited) which was released at Belgium in 2016. Honouring his contributions a mycorrhizal fungus has been named as Glomus bagyarajii.


Prof. Dr. N. Mathivanan, Vice-President, NABS

[From 13 May, 2023]

Prof. Dr. N. Mathivanan  earned his Ph.D. in Botany with specialization in Plant Pathology from University of Madras, Chennai. After serving as Head and Program Leader for Plant Protection Division in the Nagarjuna Agricultural Research and Development Institute, Hyderabad, he joined as a Lecturer in the Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany, University of Madras and currently he is the Director& Head of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany, University of Madras. 

His areas of interest includes Plant Pathology, Biological Control, Plant and Microbial Metabolites, discovery of drug candidates from actinomycetes, extreomophiles and medicinal plants . 

Prof. Mathivanan handled more than 22 major research projects from DBT, DST, ICAR, MHRD, MoES and UGC and also from industries with the total budget of more than INR 7.0 Crore.

He guided 4 PDF, 26 Ph. D. and 34 M. Phil. scholars and 45 M. Sc. and 3 M. Tech. students. Presently, he is guiding 1 PDF and 4 Ph. D. scholars; published about 110 research articles in peer reviewed journals, 3 books, 2 technical bulletins, 24 book chapters and presented more than 300 papers and posters in national and international conferences, etc.  

Eighteen of his papers/posters received Best oral paper/poster awards; organized 30 conferences, seminars, symposia, etc.; delivered 15 invited lectures in Universities/institutes in abroad and more than 200 in India. His h-index is 34 and i10-index is 60 with citations of 3916 (Google Scholar). He is a reviewer for about 35 reputed scientific journals and examiner for Ph. D. theses of various Universities in India and in abroad.

He received Number of awards to visit different Universities for training – to mention a few:

  • A-IMBO-AMBO, Japan Fellowship to visit Osaka University, Osaka, Japan 

  • INSA-DFG Fellowship by INSA, India.

  • DFG, Germany to visit Institute of Plant Pathology and Plant Protection, Georg-August University, Gottingen, Germany

  • Biotechnology Overseas Associateship by DBT, India to visit Washington State University, Pullman, USA

  • DAAD Fellowship by DAAD, Germany to visit the Institute of Plant Pathology and Plant Protection, Gottingen, Germany

  • Outstanding Research Scientist on Noni Award by World Noni Research Foundation, Chennai, India

  • Tamil Nadu Scientist Award (TANSA) for his outstanding contribution to Biological Sciences

  • Dr. V. Agnihothrudu Memorial award by the Mycological Society of India 

  • Prof. S.N. Banerjee Memorial award by the Indian Mycological Society, Kolkata

  • Lifetime achievement award by Antiviral Research Society (2021)

  • Nature Science Foundation 

  • Mid-Career award by UGC  and Distinguished Alumnus Award by Annamalai University (2022).

Prof. Mathivanan is a Fellow of several Academies and Societies:

·         National Academy of Agricultural Sciences

·         National Academy of Biological Sciences

·         Mycological Society of India

·         International Society of Noni Science

·         The Academy of Sciences, Chennai

·         Antiviral Research Society of India

·         Royal Society of Biology, United Kingdom .

·         Honorary Fellow of the Indian Mycological Society, Kolkata 

·         He is a Life Member in 7 Scientific Academies/Professional Societies.

Prof. Mathivanan  visited more than 20 Universities/Institutes in countries like – Abu Dhabi, Australia, Austria, Canada, Dubai, Fiji, France, Germany, Hawaii (USA), Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Oman, Tahiti, Thailand and USA for academic interactions and research collaborations.

Prof. T. Marimuthu, Secretary, NABS

Prof. Thambiayya Marimuthu hailing from a humble farming community was born on 2nd June 1948 at Sirangudi North, Thanjavur district, which is the grannery of South, in Tamil Nadu.  He is doctorate in Plant Pathology and his thesis was adjudged the best and awarded with Dr. A. N.  Puri Gold Medal.

Served Tamil Nadu Agricultural University since 1971 and was Dean, School of Post Graduate Studies and Director, Centre for Plant Protection Studies; introduced several reforms in research and education management; introduced skill development workshops; innovative educational management techniques including 'Post Graduate Seminar' which was unique.

Introduced several new concepts like Single Solution Seed Treatment, Bio-Media Mix, Bio-Manure, Antagonism Index and Vertical Distribution of Diseases which led to development of newer technologies / methodologies in crop protection; developed botanical formulations from mushroom and under exploited plants

One of the pioneers to introduce newer technologies in mushroom production in the country and responsible for the spread of mushroom culture in Tamil Nadu; he and his student were responsible for the release of newer mushroom varieties like APK-2 (milky mushroom), CO (OM)-2 (oyster mushroom); identified most efficient decomposer of coconut coir pith, Pleurotus platypus; established the possibility of ‘Outdoor Cultivation of Paddy Straw Mushroom’.

‘Uri’ method of oyster mushroom cultivation and replacement of bottle spawn with Bag spawn developed by Prof. T. Marimuthu and his team revolutionized oyster mushroom cultivation in Tamil Nadu.

Served in a number of technical committees at State and National levels like,  Member of QRT of ICAR, New Delhi for mushrooms and oil seeds; Visiting Scientist, AB-DLO. Wageningen, The Netherlands; Visiting Professor (UGC), University of Madras, Chennai; Senate Member, Periyar University, Salem, Tamil Nadu. 

As Joint Editor of International Journal of Noni Research, he published 19 technical bulletins on various aspects of Noni, Morinda citrifolia L.; organized 10 national seminars (Noni Search) on Morinda cirtrifolia L. including two World Noni Congresses (2010 & 2016)

He is also serving as Treasurer, International Society for Noni Science (ISNS), Chennai since 2010.


  • Fellow of National Academy of Biological Sciences, Chennai

  • Fellow of International Society for Noni Science, Chennai


  • Achiever Award-2010 by the Society for Advancement of Human and Nature, Solan, HP, India.

  • Prof SS Chahal Life Time Achievement Award for 2016 by Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology, MPUAT, Udaipur, Rajasthan

  • Life Time Achievement Award in Agricultural Sciences (2016) by PEARL- A Foundation for Educational Excellence, Madurai.

Prof. T. L. Baskaran, Treasurer, NABS

He was born on 1 May, 1946 in a village -Thondamanatham of Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu.

He had graduated from Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu and earned his doctoral degree from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

He is an Agricultural Scientist specialized in Plant Pathology- Post-harvest diseases of fruits, Mushrooms and renowned undergraduate teacher. He is responsible for release of Yellow Mosaic Virus resistant mung bean and TNAU Brinjal-VRM-1.

During his tenure as Professor & Head of Agricultural Research Station (TNAU), Virinjipuram, the Plant Clinic Centre was awarded with Dr. Bisma Narain Singh Award.

He was a Training Consultant in HAND in HAND, an NGO organization at Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.

He is the founder Treasurer of NABS and a Fellow of National Academy of Biological Sciences, Chennai, India.


Dr. S. Nakkeeran, Editor, NABS-NL, NABS
[From January, 2021]

Dr.S.Nakkeeran, Professor (Plan Pathology) hailing from Singampunari Village of Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu was born on 08 October 1968 and completed his schoolings at Singampunari; earned B.Sc. (Agri.) in 1990, M.Sc. (Agri.) Plant Pathology in 1992 and Ph.D. in Plant Pathology with Biological control as his specialization during 2001 at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. He completed his Post-Doctoral Programme at Department of Plant Science, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.

In his journey as Plant Pathologist, he has got 31 awards at State and National level. He served as Subject matter specialist in Plant Protection from 2005 to 2009 at Villupuram KVK, Tamil Nadu from 2005 to 2009. The University recognized his meritorious service rendered to farming community and was awarded with Best Extension Worker Award. Subsequently, he was also recognized with Best Researcher Award from TNAU. Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology at Udaipur, Rajasthan honoured him with Pesticides India Award, Dr.N.Prasad Memorial Award, P.R.Verma Memorial Award and Sree Guman Devi Award. Rotary Club of Coimbatore Cotton City honoured him with Vocational Excellence Award (08.04.2018). International Society for Noni Science honoured him with Outstanding Noni Scientist Award. Tamil Nadu State Government has also honoured him with the prestigious Tamil Nadu Scientist Award for Agriculture.

He is a Fellow of National Academy of Biological Sciences, Chennai; Fellow of Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Udaipur, Rajasthan; Fellow of International Society for Noni Science, Chennai.  He is a serving member of Executive Council of NABS, Executive Council of ISMPP, Editorial Committee member of MASU. He is Editor- in- Chief for the Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology and Reviewer of Springer and Elsevier Journals.

He has garnered several externally funded projects from Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, University Grants Commission, New Delhi, ICAR, New Delhi and Tamil Nadu State Government. He has widely travelled to Tanzania, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Ethiopia and have trained more than 150 Scientists on Trichoderma technology in collaboration with Virginia Tech through US AID funded project.

He has guided 11 M.Sc. (Agri.) and 6 Ph.D. students in Plant Pathology and has published around 285 research manuscripts in journals of National and International repute and several book chapters in National and International publications. His average h index is 25 and i10 index is 51.