NABS - Foundation Day Lecture Awards


Foundation Day Lecture Awards



NABS was founded on  31 December, 2004 by  Prof. Dr. S. Kannaiyan,  the then  Chairman, National Biodiversity Authority, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India., Chennai, Tamil Nadu,  with EC members and Headquarter at Chennai.  The Executive Council constituted at the time of registration, the President - Prof. Dr. S. Kannaiyan (Founder President), Vice President-Prof. N. Anand (Founder Vice-President) Secretary-Dr. S. S. Gnanamanickam (Founder Secretary) and Treasurer - Dr. T. L. Baskaran (Founder Treasurer).  The founder Executive Council members were Prof. V. Sundararajan, Dr. K. Balaraman and Prof. T. Subramoniam.


The Academy was registered as "National Academy of Biological Sciences" under the TN Societies registration Act 1975 (TN Act 27 of 1975) on 10th March, 2005 at Chennai South, Saidapet, Chennai- 600 015 with Certificate of Registration No. 110 / 2005.

  • Official registration day of "National Academy of Biological Sciences" is  recognized as NABS-Foundation Day as per the decision taken during the 21st EC meeting held on 15 August, 2021, Foundation Day of NABS will be celebrated every year on 10 March by way of conducting NABS- Foundation Day Lecture Series to be organized on virtual mode.

  • Vice President of NABS (Dr. D. J. Bagyaraj), will be the Chairman of the Committee with FOUR members [Dr. N. Mathivanan, EC Member; Dr. S. Nakkeeran, EC Member; Dr. N. Thajuddin, EC Member & Dr. M. Prakash, EC Member] who will assist the Chairman in nominating an eminent scientists specialized in biological sciences.

  • FOUR speakers will be nominated and the approved nominee will deliver the lecture of his choice on virtual mode.

  • Secretary of NABS and Treasurer of NABS (Dr. T. Marimuthu and Dr. T.L. Baskaran) will be the coordinators in organizing the NABS-Foundation Day Lecture Series.

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NABS-Foundation Day Lecture Series

Series-1: 10 March, 2022

  *  The nominees who delivered the NABS-Foundation Day Lecture will be conferred with “NABS-Foundation Day Lecture Award”.

First NABS-Foundation Day Lecture Award- 2022


Name & address

Title / Topic



Dr. V.A. Srinivasan

NABS-Fellow and Advisor, National Dairy Development Board,
33, Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad- 500 032

Mobile: 99784 45810


Vaccine development for eradication of diseases


Prof. S. Mohankumar

Director, Centre for Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Coimbatore-641 003
Mobile: 94422 24572


 Security, Safety and Sustainability in Agriculture: Future Challenges and Approaches

Note: Two nominees could not deliver the lectures due to health reasons


NABS-Foundation Day Lecture Series

Series-2: 10 March, 2023

*  The nominees who delivered the NABS-Foundation Day Lecture will be conferred with “NABS-Foundation Day Lecture Award”.


Second NABS-Foundation Day Lecture Award- 2023


Name & address

Title / Topic



Prof. Dr. Sheba Mohankumar

Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences & Director, Online CBS-MS program, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia
501 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, GA 30602-7338,

Impact of prenatal exposures to endocrine disrupting chemicals on the cardiovascular system


Prof. Dr. S. Nakkeern

Fellow of NABS &
Professor (Plant Pathology) &
Dean, AC &RI (TNAU), Kudumiyanmalai, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu
Cell: 91-7598489226


Discovery of biomolecules from bacterial endophytes for the management of plant pathogens and nematodes


Prof. Dr. N. Mathivanan
Fellow of NABS &

Director & Head
Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai - 600 025, Tamil Nadu, India
Telephone: +91-44-22202750

Email: ;

Bioprospecting medicinal plants for human health


Prof. Dr. N. Thajuddin
Fellow of NABS &

Department of Microbiology
School of Life Sciences
Bharathidasan University
Tiruchirappalli- 620 024

Email :

Microalgae and Cyanobacteria: Sustainable bio-resources for food and food additives



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