Profile of Dr. K. Shiva Shankar

Shiva Shankar, K.

Elected Fellow-2008

Agricultural Sciences & Forestry

DB: 21-01-1938

Birth place

Chikmagalur Town, Chikmagalur Dist., Karnataka, India.


Poona University, Poona, Maharashtra, (B.Sc. (Agri.)Hons,1959); (M.Sc. (Agri.) in Agronomy,1962); Katholieke Universitiet  te Leuven, Belgium, (M.S. in Soil Science, 1974; & D.Sc. in Soil Biology, 1976); Specialized Training in Microbiology at The Institute for Atomic Sciences for Agriculture, Wageningen, The Netherlands.(1975-76).

Positions held 

President, Environment Protection Institute, Bangalore; Chairman, Agriculture and Animal Sciences Museum, UAS  Bangalore (1995-1998); Professor & HoD, Forestry (1993- 1995); Professor of Crop Production (1991-1993);  Professor  & Head, Dept of Agronomy (1987 -1991); Professor  of Crop Production (1985-1987); Associate Professor of Agronomy (1977-1985);  Assistant Professor of Agronomy (1968-1977 ); At Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu: Lecturer in Agriculture (1963-1968). Directorate of Agriculture, Mysore State; Research Assistant in Soils & Agricultural  Chemistry (1962-63)

Research Area

Agronomy, Soil Fertility & Foliar Nutrition of Crops, Crop Production,  Organic Farming, N2 Fixation & Microbial studies, Composting, Molybdenum Nutrition, Straw  and Crop  residues v/s CO2  Fertilization.

Awards and fellowships

A Gold Medal  and a Certificate of Merit for the Distinction secured at the M.Sc (Agri.)  by the Mayor of Poona;  Katholieke  Universitiet  te Leuven Academic  Fellowship, Belgium (1972-1976)Fellow: Indian Society of Agronomy (1992).


President, Environment Protection Institute. 170 / 1, 17th Cross, J P Nagar II Phase, Bangalore- 560 078, Karnataka.


1359, 9thCross, JP Nagar, I Phase, Bangalore -560 078, Karnataka.
[M: 091-80-9448139778;]