Bye Laws

Bye laws of

National Academy of Biological Sciences


  As approved by

VII EC meeting held on 30-07-2009

at Loyola  College, Chennai

[Amendments are incorporated]





National Academy of Biological Sciences [NABS]

C/o World Noni Research Foundation

12, Rajiv Gandhi Road, Perungudi,

Chennai – 600 096

M: 094436 73155






[Deals with NABS]


The Bye laws of the Society has three chapters which deals with NABS, News Letters & Journals and General aspect.


Name of Society


Though it has been registered under society act, it will be called as “National Academy of Biological Sciences”.  The National Academy of Biological Sciences, herein after will be called as NABS for the purpose of brevity.  The NABS will constitute Life Members, Honorary Life Members and Corporate Life Members.


Area of operation


Throughout India with the registered office at Chennai and Membership open to scientists all over India and abroad.


Headquarters of NABS


The Headquarters will be at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  A permanent office for the NABS will be established at Chennai in due course.

Time being the office is functioning where the Secretary is working.  The address is as follows:

National Academy of Biological Sciences [NABS]

C/o World Noni Research Foundation

12, Rajiv Gandhi Road, Perungudi, Chennai – 600 096

Tamil Nadu, India




The Secretariat will  function where the secretary is in position.


Logo of NABS


An exclusive ‘Logo’ shall be registered for the Academy.


The Logo consists two lined circle within which the following pictures are depicted.



A tree- the King of the fruits viz., Mango with bearing- represents all horticultural and forestry wealth of the country and signified the importance of the tree in human life.



Rice ear head with its boot leaf- represents the food and nutrition security to be provided to all the human population in the world through research on biological system.



The DNA helix represents the advancement in the biological sciences especially in biotechnology which provided a deep insight in understanding the function of life and the necessity to update our knowledge in the advanced areas of biotechnology.



The fish in the bottom of the circle represents all the aquatic and terrestrial life of the universe.


Recognized branches of biological sciences


A.  Basic Sciences:

B.  Basic Sciences








Molecular biology


Marine Biology















C.  Agricultural Sciences & Forestry

D.  Veterinary Sciences & Fisheries

E.  Food and Nutrition





There shall be THREE classes of Membership.



The Life Member



The Honorary Life Member



Corporate Life Member


The Life Member

The Life members shall be an Indian citizen or citizen of any other country which is recognized by the Indian Government and should have a minimum of Ph.D degree as their educational qualification in any one of the biological sciences recognized by NABS ( vide section 5).


Becoming a Life Member

A biologist with a Ph. D shall apply for Life Membership of NABS to the Secretary by paying Rs.1500/ (Rupees One thousand five hundred only) or $US 50/-($US Fifty only) along with a proof of their educational qualification (Ph.D).  The membership fee is non-refundable on any account. The amount fixed may vary from time to time as approved by the GB / or Executive Council.  The application will be scrutinized by the council of members /secretary / President or Treasurer and if approved, the applicant will be admitted as a Life Member and a membership number will be assigned to the admitted applicant.  The same will be communicated to the applicant by the Secretary.  They are eligible to attend the GB, participate in the electoral process and exercise their franchise to elect the office bearers.


Honorary (Life) Member

The NAAS fellows are eligible to become a Honorary Life Member.  The EC will decide the admission of a fellow as Honorary Life member from among the NAAS fellows.  The member so admitted need not pay the admission fee prescribed for Life Membership of NABS.  Honorary members are not eligible to voting but can attend the GB or participate in any other process in furthering the academy activities.


Corporate (Life) Member

Any leading Institution /Corporate body which are engaged in the activities of promoting business of their own for welfare of human beings and animals is eligible to become a corporate member by paying an admission fee fixed by the NABS.  Minimum admission fee of Rs.5000/ (Rupees Five thousand only) or ($US 200) and a maximum fee of Rs.10, 000/ (Rupees ten thousand only) or ($US 400) is prescribed for the Corporate Membership subject to variation as decided by the EC or GB.

The Corporate Life Member will be given a Membership Certificate and a Citation indicating their contribution to the science and the society.


Disqualification of Life Members

The Life Members /Honorary Life Members / Corporate Life members ceased to be a member.



in the event of his/her death or dissolution of the corporate/industrial body



in the event of a member acting against the interest of the NABS


Executive Council [EC]


There shall be an Executive Council [EC], which shall carry all the duties and responsibilities and affairs of the Academy.


The terms of the EC shall be for two/three years


The EC shall consist of President, one Vice President, one Secretary, a Foreign Secretary, one Treasurer, ten elected members and ten nominated members.  The Chief Editor of the Journal /Newsletter will be an ex-officio member of the EC


Powers of the EC

The EC shall have the following powers subject to the provisions of the Rules and bye-laws of the Academy.


To fix membership fee for the Academy and the subscription fee to the Journal/Newsletter


To levy and receive advertisement charges for advertising in the journal/newsletter


To receive donations, grants etc., for conducting seminars, symposia and for the publication of the journals and other Academy related materials


To invest the funds of the Academy


To incur expenses to carry out the work of the Academy and


to do all such other acts and things, whether incidental to the powers aforesaid or not, as may be required in order to further the objectives of the Academy.


EC Meetings

The EC shall meet at least twice a year (calendar year); the frequency could be increased depending on the need.  The meeting shall be presided by the President and in the event of his absence or inability to preside the Vice President shall preside the meeting.  The Secretary is responsible to call for the meeting of the EC members. EC members shall be informed of the Place/Venue and date of meeting with details of agenda notes for the meeting at least 20days in advance.


Decisions in the EC meeting

The decisions shall be taken (51% of the EC members attended) when majority members agree for that.  In the event of a tie the President can decide final verdict.


Duties and responsibilities of EC


Duties of President

The President shall preside over the EC, GB meeting, and award ceremony and all other meetings pertaining to the activities of the Academy; shall advise and guide the Secretary in the day to day affairs of the Academy for effective functioning.


Duties of Vice President

The Vice President shall help the President in running the Academy efficiently.  In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall exercise the powers of the President with prior permission of the President.


Duties of the Secretary

Secretary shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Academy.  He shall record all the proceedings of EC, GB or any other meetings of the Academy and perform all other duties pertaining to the functions of the Academy.  Secretary shall be the publisher of the Journal/Newsletter.


Duties of the Treasurer

 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial management of the Academy.  He shall keep accounts, receive deposits and other authorized receipts and disburse money for the authenticated expenditures incurred for furthering the objectives and effective functioning of the Academy. A saving Bank Account shall be opened in any one of the Nationalized Banks of the country and shall be operated jointly by any two of the officer bearers viz., President, Secretary, Treasurer or as authorized by the EC.  He may keep with him at a time an amount of Rs. 1000/-(Rupees one thousand only) or the amount fixed by the President /EC for day-to-day expenditure of the Academy.

All the accounts of the Academy shall be audited by an Auditor appointed by the GB/EC.  The treasurer shall present the audit report of the previous year account at the time GB meeting with his remarks on the report.


Duties of a Life Member

The Life Members are the pillars of the Academy; they abide by rules and constitution of the NABS.  Each Member shall contribute to the effective functioning of the Academy.  They will inform the Secretary of their significant contributions/achievements in their fields, meetings organized in collaboration with NABS or any other related activities.  Every member shall try their best to uphold the traditions, values and ethics of the Academy.


Election of EC members


The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and the ten EC members will be elected by the General Body [GB]from among the Life Members of the NABS.


The Foreign Secretary and 10 EC members shall be nominated by the elected council of members.  The Foreign secretary will be an Indian National /citizen of the other country and be a Life Member of the NABS.  The EC should take care in giving wide representation to various groups of biological scientists and the regions of the country. The EC shall identify various regions / zones for the purpose of functionality of the NABS.


Term of office

The term of office shall end at the end of the tenure and at the time of GB Meeting which ever is later and term of all the Office bearers shall be for two years (Calendar year from January to December).


The President

There will be only one President. In case of contest, election will be held by the constituted “Committee” or election officer nominated by the EC and the Life Members will elect a President by voting.  The election process shall be over before the end of the tenure of the sitting office bearers. In case of a tie the President’s vote will decide the majority.

The new office bearer will assume office in January.


Vice President

There shall be one Vice President. Same election procedure to be followed as that of President.



There shall be one Secretary. Same election procedure to be followed as that of President.



There shall be one Treasurer. Same election procedure to be followed as that of President.


Voting Power

All Life Members are eligible to participate in the voting process.  Disqualified Life members are not eligible for voting.

Honorary members are not eligible to voting but can attend the GB or participate in any other process in furthering the academy activities


Election Procedures

Notification shall be made in the website of NABS and also by direct letters to the Life members on the vacancies of office bearers arising. Sufficient time should be given for the voter and the sealed vote must reach the “Committee” or the “Election Officer” within the prescribed time limit.  Postal delay, if any in receiving the ballots will not be considered. The Committee will count the vote and announce the results.

The out going President/Vice President /Secretary /Treasurer will be the Ex-officio members in the EC for the next one tenure.



The funds for the NABS shall be from:



Life Membership fee



Corporate Membership fee of NABS.



Subscription to the Journal run by the NABS and the sale

proceeds of the publications.



Through the Advertisement tariffs made for the Journals.



Donations from others sources recognized /authorized by EC.



Any other sources as determined by the EC.


Financial Management


Maintenance of Account

The fees collected from the membership and other authorized sources shall be deposited in a separate Account maintained exclusively for the NABS in any one of the Nationalized banks at the HQ.  The account shall be operated by President/Treasurer/Secretary/or jointly by any two of them through a cheque.  All transactions should be regularized at the end of each year (calendar) by competent auditors (appointed for the purpose and the audited statement shall be presented in the EC and subsequently ratified by the GB.


Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the accounts of receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer/Secretary shall maintain an impressed amount of Rs.1000/-(Rupees one thousand only) or the amount decided by the President / EC for meeting the petty expenditures.  The amount shall be recouped after presenting the vouchers.


Bill books

All receipts shall be accounted and cash receipts issued to the concerned accordingly.  The bill books shall be printed one with serially numbered and properly accounted for.


Cash Books

A separate cash book shall be maintained for the purpose.


Financial powers to office bearers

Secretary/Treasurer shall incur expenditures approved by the President /EC for purpose of carrying out events/meetings organized to further the activities/meetings related to the Academy.  However, The President/Treasurer/Secretary independently shall incur expenditure for an amount of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only) at a time apart from the impressed amount to defray the expenditures towards the authorized activities related to NABS.


Fellowship & Associate Fellowship

The Academy shall award Fellowship or Associate Fellowship to its Life members/Honorary Life Members/Corporate Life Members on nomination and through scrutiny and evaluation of their contribution to the development of biological sciences and its impact on the society. For this purpose, standards of evaluation shall be developed and followed subject to modifications/amendments to the standards as and when such modifications/amendments are required.


Eligibility for the Fellowship

All the Life Members, who have completed 35 years as on 31st of December of the nomination year, are eligible for nomination for the Fellowship. There shall be a cooling period of 6 months for the Life Members after they are admitted [as on 1st December of the nomination year].      


Eligibility for the Associate Fellowships

All the Life Members, who are 40 years and below as on 31st December of the nomination year, are eligible for nomination of Associate Fellowship. There should be a cooling period of 6 months for the Life Members after they are admitted [as on 1st December of the nomination year].  


Nomination Procedures

The nomination should be in the format prescribed by the NABS and should be proposed and seconded by Fellows of NABS or Fellows of other Academics or President of Scientific Societies or Dean, Director, Registrar or Vice-Chancellors of Universities.  The proposer or seconder can nominate two scientists in a year.


Calling for nominations

The Secretary, NABS shall be responsible for calling for nominations.  Normally the nomination shall be called for in the last week of November or early December giving a clear one month time for the members to file their nomination and applications.  The award for the year called for will be given the next year.  All the Life Members shall be intimated by post/electronically about the filing of nominations and applications. The format shall be made available in the website of NABS (


Periodicity of election of fellows

Every year the nomination for the Fellows and Associate Fellows will be called for.  Normally the last date will be 31, December of the year or the date prescribed by NABS with the approval of the President, NABS.


Procedure for election of fellows

The ‘Technical Review Committee’ (TRC) constituted for the purpose will scrutinize the applications and evaluate them as per the guidelines provided to them.  The TRC will place before the President the results of election and subsequently before the EC for approval.


Technical Review Committee (TRC)

TRC shall consist of the following members for the purpose election of fellows/associate fellows:


Chairman of TRC


The President of NABS

Member Secretary


The Secretary of NABS






Treasurer of NABS



Member of NABS



Member of NABS / out side expert



Duties of the TRC


The Chairman of the TRC shall always the President, NABS or any person/Life Member nominated by the President.  The chairman will guide the TRC in election of the Fellows/Associate Fellows. He shall chair the TRC meeting convened for the purpose of finalizing of the nominations for election of the fellows/associate fellows.


The Member Secretary shall always be the Secretary of the NABS. He shall be responsible for arranging the TRC meeting for scrutinizing the nominations.  He shall also provide the approved guidelines for the election of the fellows.


One of the members of the TRC shall be the Treasurer of the NABS.  He shall give the logistic support for the conduct of the meeting and also help the TRC in the process.


The other TWO members shall be nominated by the President and are responsible for the scrutiny of the nominations and evaluating the applications based on the criteria provided by the NABS. Out of the Two members- one outside expert may also be included as decided by President.


Associate Fellowship

All procedures and guidelines are the same as that of the election of Fellows.  The TRC appointed for the election of Fellows shall also be responsible for the election of Associate Fellows.


Award of the Fellowship / Associate Fellowship

The elected Fellows/Associate Fellows shall be informed of their election as Fellows/Associate Fellows individually either by post or electronically or by both the means of communication.  The elected Fellows are eligible to suffix the fellowship award as “FNABS” with their names as that of any other degree being suffixed with their names.  The elected Associate Fellows will only be given with a certificate to this effect and are not eligible to suffix “FNABS” with their names.


Award Ceremony

The award of fellowship shall be made in a special function organized in collaboration with any one of the Institutions where the members of the NABS work.  It may be coupled with the ‘Interactive Workshop’ or Special Lectures.  In general the members should receive their award in person.  The award may be conferred to the elected members in absentia provided they got prior permission from the President to do so.  The award shall be in the form of a Certificate and the award date, month and the year shall be mentioned in the ‘Award Certificate’ and also a citation shall be read before the audience followed by conferment of the ‘Award’ of the Fellowship to the elected members


Award Certificate

The Award Certificate shall have the ‘Logo’ of the Academy, name of the Candidate, year of election, the code number of the elected fellow [FNABS-00-00) with the signature of the President and the Secretary. Any modification in the ‘Award Certificate’ shall be done in consultation with the President/EC.  Majority decision holds good. Model “Award Certificate” is appended.



The content of the citation shall be provided by the elected ‘Fellow’ and the same shall be verified by the TRC/President /Secretary/ Treasurer or any authorized members of the NABS.  The citation shall contain the ‘Logo’ of NABS, the year of election, Name of the elected fellow, subject of specialization/area of specialization and a brief contribution of the elected ‘Fellow’.  It shall also contain the code number of the elected fellow [FNABS-00-00). Model “Citation” is appended.


Registration and Processing Fee

All elected Fellows of NABS including Associate Fellows shall pay the ‘Registration and Processing Fee' of Rs.2000/-[Rupees Two thousands only] or the amount fixed from time to time to meet the expenditure related to ‘Award Ceremony’ including preparation of Certificates and Citations.


Website of NABS

The Academy shall maintain an exclusive web site for NABS. The maintenance and other expenditure are to be borne by the NABS. The website maintenance shall be carried at any one of the Institutions of the country where NABS members are available.  The President / EC shall decide the Institute based on the interest of the members and other conveniences and facilities without affecting the normal functioning of the host Institute.


Bye laws


[Deals with Newsletter and Journal]

The Chapter II of the Rules and constitution describes the activities of the Newsletter and the Journals to be run by the NABS.



The NABS will run a NL with full fledged editorial committee.  The periodicity of NL shall be six monthly (January and July).  To begin with the Newsletter shall be online.



The Academy shall run a Journal with International Standards and may be named as ‘Journal of Biological Sciences’ or any other name decided by the EC. After finalizing the name and other committees for the journal, it shall be registered with the Registrar of the Societies and ISBN number obtained.



The Journal shall be published twice a year (January and July -calendar year).


Office bearers of the Journals

The Office bearers shall be Life Members of NABS.  It constitutes one President, one Vice President, one Secretary, one Joint Secretary, one Treasurer, one Editor-in-Chief and Editors.


Executive Council Members

The Executive Council members- may be eight to ten drawn from various institutions and they should be Life Members of NABS.


Editorial Board

The Editorial Board shall consist of members drawn from various fields of biological sciences all over the country and number of members may vary from 20 to 30 or as decided by the EC of NABS.


National Advisory Committee (NAC)

The NAC shall constitute Eminent Scientists from India in the field of biological sciences recognized by the NABS. The minimum number of NAC members shall be TEN.


International Advisory Committee (INAC)

The INAC shall constitute Eminent Scientists in the field of biological sciences from abroad recognized by the NABS. The minimum number of NAC members shall be TEN.


Editorial Board & Meeting


Meeting of the Editorial Board shall be held at the time of the 

General Body Meeting of the Academy, the President decides to  do so.


Ordinary meeting of the Editorial Board shall be called for by the Chief-Editor / Editor / Secretary.


Election office Bearers


All elections to the office shall take place only at the time of the General Body Meeting of the Society as laid down by clause 12. The Executive Council will co-opt members to fill up interim vacancies.


The following procedure shall be adopted for all the elections to office:  The Executive council shall appoint a Returning officer for conducting the election.  The Secretary shall circulate a list of members THREE months before the General Body Meeting and shall invite nominations from members.  The nominations need not be seconded by another member.  The Secretary or the Returning Officer shall ascertain the willingness of the nominee for the office.  The list of members contesting shall be circulated at least 30 days before the General Body Meeting.  If nominations are lacking for any office, the election to such office shall be carried out at the General Body itself.


VOTING SHALL BE BY SECRET BALLOT:  Ballot paper shall be supplied by the Secretary or the Returning officer which should be returned to the Returning Officer before the date fixed for the purpose


Votes shall be scrutinized by the Returning officer and person/persons nominated by Executive Council.  The result shall be announced at the General Body Meeting.


A majority shall elect.  Tie shall be decided by drawing lots/or by the decision of President.


All retiring office bearers are eligible for re-elections, subject to the condition prescribed in clause 12.


For the sake of functional advantages, the President or Vice- President, Secretary and or Treasurer shall be from the Headquarters.


A list of members with their occupation and address shall be filed with district Registrar of societies within one month from the General Body Meeting.


A member may withdraw form the Society by intimating his desire to do so in a letter addressed to the Secretary.  The Secretary, however, shall not be liable to return any fee that may have been paid by the member in advance.


Any members who defaults payment of subscription to the

Society for a period of more than one year ceases to be a member.  The membership fee is always s payable in advance.


Ordinary members who have not paid annual subscription by 31st March of each year shall not be eligible to vote or contest for an elected office nor eligible for nomination to any office.


Funds for the Journal / News letter

The funds of the Society shall consist of:




Admission fee for the Journal



Annual subscription of members for the Journal



Life Membership fee for the Journal



Institutional Membership fee of the Journal



Deposits from sustaining members



Deposits from distinguished patron members






Grant-in-aid from Government institutions, Societies or individual interested in the work of the Society



Subscription to the Journal of the Society and sale proceeds of the publications



Charges for publishing advertisements in the publications of the Society and



Any other sources as determined by the EC.

The fixed deposits of the society shall be invested in any Scheduled Bank/Unit Trust/ Post office and /or National Savings Certifications or in similar savings at the discretion of the EC in the best interest of the Academy.


Headquarters for Journal

The head quarters of the Journal shall be the Head quarters of the NABS. Any legal proceedings against the Society shall be admissible only at Chennai.


Bye laws

Chapter –III

[Deals with General aspects]




All suits by or against  the Society shall be instituted in the name of the society through the Secretary and shall be filed in a court of low at Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India) which is the registered headquarters of the Academy.



The above rules may be amended at any General Body Meeting of the Society by three-Fifth (3/5) majority of the members present and voting for the amendment as per Sec, 12 of the Societies Act.  Any amendment proposed by a member should be forwarded to the Secretary THREE MONTHS in advance of the General Body Meeting for circulation among the members.  No amendments of the memorandum of rules and regulations will be made without prior approval of the Commissioner of Income tax. 



The Society shall be dissolved by a Three-Fourth Majority decision of the total members of the Academy.  The debts and assets of the society in case of any such dissolution shall not be paid or disbursed among the members but shall be given to some other Registered Society in India having similar objectives.  In the event of dissolution the net assets if any after satisfying all the debt and liabilities shall either be transferred to Societies having the same or similar objectives or shall be vested with the Government as per the Societies Act XXI of 1860 under section 13, 14.


Certified that the details furnished above are the true copy of the ‘Bye laws of National Academy of Biological Sciences [NABS]’. It is also certified that there is no other Society functioning in India having the same name or objectives.



Amendments to Bye laws

 Amendment No: 1.


[Extract of 8th  EC Meeting held on 30-07-2009 at Loyola College, Chennai].



Agenda item No. & subject


Any other items with permission of the Chair


“Award Fee” collection from the elected Fellows


  • The decision taken to collect Rs. 1000/(Rupees One thousand only) from the elected fellows of NABS for the year 2008 was approved. 

  • However, it was felt that the “Award Fee” could be renamed as, “Registration and Processing Fee” which is non-refundable to the members who have submitted their nomination for election of Fellows.  From the election year 2009 on wards an amount Rs. 1000/(Rupees One thousand only) only shall be collected and it is not refundable whether they are elected or not. This approval will issue as an amendment to the Bye law.


Amendment No: 2.

[Extract of 9th  EC Meeting held on 12-03-2011 at PRIST University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu].


Agenda item No. & subject


NABS-Best Woman Scientist Award- periodicity- cut of marks


§         It was agreed to call for applications every year from the Women members of NABS for the Award. The cut of marks is fixed as 60 per cent. The number of awards shall be fixed in consultation with the President.


Revision of Life Membership Fee-ratification of the revision from Rs. 1000/- to Rs.1,500 w.e.f  5th January, 2011.


§         The revised Life Membership fee of Rs. 1500/- w.e.f 5th January, 2011 is approved.


Registration and processing fee for NABS-Best Woman Scientist Award- Rs. 1000/-


§         The collection of Rs. 1000/- as Registration and processing fee from members who have applied for 'NABS-Best Woman Scientist Award' is approved and ratified.


Nomination of Fellows- Seconder- lelaxation of existing rules; Revision of Registration & Processing Fee for election of Fellow from 2011


§         The existing procedure of Proposing and Seconding of a nominee is to be continued.


§         The Registration and processing fee to be collected from the members who apply for award of Fellow/Associate Fellow from the nomination year 2011 is revised as Rs. 3000/-


Any other items with permission of the Chair


Annual Maintenance fee for website


§         The Website is being maintained by Mr. Chokkalingam of Coimbatore. It is decided to pay Mr. Chokkalingam or any other person who maintains the website an amount of Rs. 5000/ (Rupees Five thousand only) per year (on calendar year basis) as annual maintenance fee. This will take effect from the year 2010. The fee shall be paid at the end of the year.


Amendment No: 3.

[Extract of 10th  EC Meeting held on 13-11-2011 at Shanti Ashram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu].


Agenda item No. & subject


Proposal to nominate President and Vice-President by Secretary, NABS


§         Dr. V. A. Parthasarathy, Editor, NABS-NL, Fellow of NABS and former Director, IISR, Calicut, Kerala is unanimously elected as President w.e.f  13-11-2011 in lieu of sudden demise of Prof. Dr. S. Kannaiyan, the Founder and the President on 20th October, 2011.

§         Dr. D.J. Bagyaraj, Fellow of NABS and Former Professor, UAS, Bangalore is unanimously elected as Vice-President of NABS w.e.f. from 13-11-2011 in lieu of present incumbent Dr. S. Edison expressing his desire to relinquish Vice-President position.


Inviting Nominations for election of Fellows and Associate Fellows and Best NABS Women Scientist Award for the year 2011


§         Registration and Processing Fee shall be uniformly Rs. 3000/- for all- Fellows, Associate Fellows and NABS Best Woman Scientist Award from the election year 2011.


Creation of awards in the name of Eminent Scientists / leaders in Biological Sciences


·        In order to honor the FOUNDER & President, Late Prof. Dr. S. Kannaiyan, EC decided to institute "Prof. Dr. S. Kannaiyan Memorial Award". 

·       Most eminent personality in the field of Biological Sciences shall be nominated by the EC.  The Nominee shall be informed of the decision and concurrence obtained.  He / She will be invited to the give an oration which will be called as "Prof. S. Kannaiyan Memorial Oration". The awardee shall give lecture of his choice for an hour.  He / she will be presented with a citation, certificate and a plaque carrying the inscription of the award.  NABS shall provide TA, accommodation and other hospitalities to the awardee.   The lecture notes will be printed and circulated to participants.

·        It is also decided to release a "Biography of Prof. Dr. S. Kannaiyan" on the first oration.

·        This function will be conducted every year during the Annual Meeting of the NABS.



Creating new types of membership and revising certain membership fees


§         New memberships viz., Corporate Fellow with one time subscription @ Rs.1,00, 000- (Rupees One lakh only) and Sustaining Member with one time subscription @ Rs.Rs.25,000/- (Rupees Twenty five thousand only) are created with immediate effect.


§         The present subscription Fee of Rs.10,000/-(one time payment) for Corporate Member shall continue.



Amendment No: 4.

[Extract of 11th  EC Meeting held on 15-05-2012 at University of Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu]


Agenda item No. & subject


Creating new types of membership and revising certain membership fees


ii. Sustaining Member (Rs.25,000/- one time payment)

As on date no member is enrolled on this category. It was also decided to remove this category of membership.
6. Creation of Provisional Life Membership for Ph.D students


  • The suggestion to make Ph.D students to enroll as a Provisional Member of NABS by fully paying the membership fee in vogue was accepted with immediate effect. The guide or supervisor should certify to this effect.

  • They will be enrolled provisionally. As and when the students submit the copy of the Ph.D  degree they will be considered as a regular Life Member of NABS.
  • Till then he is not entitled the privilege of a  Life Member- nomination to Fellowship / voting power etc.
11. Any other item with permission of Chair.


i.  Revision of Life membership fee from Rs.1500 to Rs.2500/-

  • It was decided to revise the Life Membership fee from Rs.1,500/- to Rs.2500/- w.e.f  01-06-2012.


ii.  Status of EC members who continuously absent themselves for three meetings.


  • There are, at present, 19 EC members (except President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor). It was decided to replace one third of members (six)  with new members once in there years. It was also decided to replace member who have absented themselves continuously for three EC meetings without any information or valid reasons.


Amendment No: 5.

[Extract of 12th  EC Meeting held on 01-12-12  at Shanti Ashram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu]


Agenda item No. & subject


NABS- Best Research Papers Award- Proposal


  • The proposal of the new award was approved with the following additions.

  • There will be four awards one in each of (i) Basic Sciences (ii) Agricultural Sciences  and Forestry (iii) Veterinary Sciences & Fisheries (iv) Food and Nutrition

  • The Provisional Life Members are also permitted to apply

  • A committee constituted by the President will scrutinize to select the Best research papers for approval by the President.

  • A certificate and a memento shall be presented to the awardee.
4. Prof. S. Kannaiyan Memorial Award


Additional guidelines:

  • Nominee for award shall be a members of NABS

  • Proposals to nominate  a member for the award shall be received from the Fellows of NABS

  • Nomination shall be finalized and approved by EC.

  • The decision of EC is final.
9. Any other items with permission of the Chair


i.  Travel claim by EC members

  • All EC members when they travel to attend the meeting shall be provided with TA as we have been doing now; however the travel claim by train is restricted to Third AC.


Amendment No: 6.

[Extract of 13th  EC Meeting held on 20-07-2013  at Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu]


Agenda item No. & subject

7- iv.

New Awards proposed


  • Life Time Achievement Award & Young Scientist Award were introduced to take effect from 2014.

9. Any other items with permission of the Chair


i.  Travel claim by EC members

  • All EC members when they travel to attend the meeting shall be provided with TA as we have been doing now; however the travel claim by train is restricted to Third AC.


------------End of Statements-------------


Certified that this is true copy of Rules, Regulations and Bye-laws of
“National Academy of Biological Sciences”

(Prof. T. Marimuthu)

Secretary, NABS